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When: May. 27, 2017 8:00 AM

Where: 500 San Pablo Dam Road, Orinda, CA

Major change !!!!


After much thought and deliberation, we here at WPE, have decided to cancel the Du TOES event.  The road will not be repaired in time for the Duathlon and the Running event response has not been aggressive enough to support the race expenses.


We have requested a refund of your fees from  It takes a few weeks for them to process the transaction.


We hope you will check back with us once the Alhambra Valley road is repaired.  We plan to fit the missed events into our schedule before the end of the year.  In the meantime, please join us for our running events !  The Mother's Day 5K/10K/Half Marathon is always well attended and a really fun event.  We'll be running this event on 5/13/2017.


Happy Trails,





FUN will be had by ALL...  DU-TOES stands for Duathlon and Triathlon of El Sobrante.  This is a Tri Event with three options:

  1. Duathlon = 3.6 mi Run / 22 mi Bike / 1.8 mi Run
  2. Triathlon = 3.6 mi Run / 22 mi Bike / 2 mi Kayak (Shorter Kayak - better for Beginners)
  3. Triathlon = 3.6 Mile Run / 22 Mile Bike / 4 Mile Kayak

Our Run/Walk Event will be a 3.6 Miler

Join in the fun by doing the DU or TRI as a RELAY with your great Running or Biking friend!

The races will start at 8:00 AM at The San Pablo Reservoir at the Orinda Entrance.

500 San Pablo Dam Rd Orinda, CA 94563


·         To avoid conflicts with regular customers, all event parking will be in the overflow parking lots for participants and spectators. Except for events that occur when the park is closed for the season.

·         If participants and/or spectators want to park closer to the event, they can access the main lot, but must pay the access fee of $6.50. Except for events that occur when the park is closed for the season.


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