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When: June. 21, 2014 8:00 AM

Where: 500 San Pablo Dam Road, Orinda, CA

FUN will be had by ALL...  DU-TOES stands for Duathlon and Triathlon of El Sobrante.  This is a Tri Event with three options:

  1. Duathlon = 3.6 mi Run / 22 mi Bike / 1.8 mi Run
  2. Triathlon = 3.6 mi Run / 22 mi Bike / 2 mi Kayak (Shorter Kayak - better for Beginners)
  3. Triathlon = 3.6 Mile Run / 22 Mile Bike / 4 Mile Kayak

Our Run/Walk Event will be a 3.6 Miler

Join in the fun by doing the DU or TRI as a RELAY with your great Running or Biking friend!

The races will start at 8:00 AM at The San Pablo Reservoir at the Orinda Entrance.

500 San Pablo Dam Rd Orinda, CA 94563

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Map the Route - 1st Run

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Map the Route - 2nd Run

Map the Route - Kayak (4 Miles or 2 Miles)

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