Aerodynamic bike fitting and positional analysis

Aerodynamic Bike fitting and positional analysis for Time Trials and Triathletes as performed by Jonathan Lee, Professional Cycling Coach and Category 1 Racer.

If you are looking for that last few seconds to shave off your next Time Trial, or if you are a new triathlete in need of cost-effective advice to get your position dialed in for comfort and speed; Jonathan Lee has the expertise and applied knowledge in aerodynamics and power production for athletes at any level of competition.

Jonathan has been fitting athletes to their bikes for years. His knowledge of the balance between a powerful (comfortable) position and a position that is very aerodynamics, is what sets him apart from the standard bike shop fitting that most athletes tend to rely on.

His use of video analysis, Virtual Elevation testing, and variations of each rider's equipment, will give the rider empirical data to take home and begin immediately to use.

We cannot give a higher recommendation to Jonathan's services!

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cell – 707-322-3531