About Us

When I turned 50 years young I decided that the first half of my life was over and that I now wanted to live a healthier lifestyle. An Athlete I have always been, sometimes a Champion, sometimes a hard trier. I just try very hard at everything I do, to be the best I can be for my family, my friends, and for myself.

My family, friends, and I are Martial Arts people, Kempo Karate, since 1962. We're still training and teaching all levels from the Physically Challenged, Tai Chi, to Contact Karate. I am fortunate to have many people around me to help make it all happen. We are also Runners, Duathletes, and Triathletes. I made it part of the Karate Program back in the 60's - Barefoot and ankle weights. Now we are smarter, we wear shoes.

I have competed in 21 World Championship races, all Duathlons, representing TEAM USA in my age group from Short Course to Half Ironman distances.I live to race and my motto is "I'd rather die living than to live dying"

Wolf Pack Events came about as "Big Al" of Sky High Events, my long time friend and fellow athlete, scaled back his number of events and decided not to pursue Duathlons any longer. I want to fill that void. Having raced for many years and in 26 different states I do know what the athletes are looking for.

The most important reason, to me, for putting on these races is to get people 50 and over to get out there and to be more active. Towards this purpose, at all of my events, I will give special awards to the 50+ crowd. They are the ones that have to work twice as hard as the youngsters. Each event will have awards for all the 5-year age groups from 85+ down to 9 and below where the groups are even less than 5 years. If it were not for the elders the kids could not even get to the race!

Researchers will cure cancer, but obesity will be the next challenge as time goes on, not just in America, but in the World. I want to fight it now. I want kids to grow up to be healthier Adults and I want Adults to continue to be healthy and live a longer and better life. So, train hard and set some goals in Running, Biking, or Swimming. Set the target dates for meeting your goals and then schedule a race for those dates so you can have that sense of achievement and be on the road to a healthier lifestyle

If you are a competitive racer like I am, my venues will provide the event for your training. I do know that you will not be just another competitor. You, your training, and your health are important to me.

- Wolf Hillesheim